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Monday, March 27, 2006

Pwaiiise the Lawwd!

The curse has been liffteeedd!!!!

And to Mr Smartipantalones: I don't care if they're baby socks, mister. They're a pair. A PAIR, I tell you!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Nope, not a post about the movie of that name, though y'all have to go see it. ;) SnB Josée sent us this awesome pattern link that I just needed to share:
Opal Socks knit Sideways!
Woah! Not sure I'm jumping on that bandwagon just now, but it does look pretty wacky, doesn't it?

In other knitting news, I've completely frogged what was developing of my Crusoe sock. (I was just about getting ready for the heel turn.) The pattern called for 48 sts cast on with Koigu, and I just knew beforehand that that wouldn't work with my MJ's Laces, so I'd cast on 60 with my 2mm needles instead.
Nope. Still no good. The damn things just wouldn't get past my instep. And it's not because I have hippo feet, thank you very much. I've heard a lot about this pattern being to tightly written.
So I started afresh, 64 stitches on 2.5 mm needles. But this time, I'm afraid it'll be too loose. Harumph..
There's also something else I've been working on. Quite the little milestone. I'll keep ya posted! ;)

In completely unrelated news: my room is so empty! I've been packing and getting rid of more stuff so my roommate can move in for those three months. It's a weird and emotional week for me, with friends calling from all over the place, asking to meet up one last time before I leave, and my last day at work coming up. Let alone the stressful thought of having to carry Mingus along for over 15 hours.
(It's a very good thing there's someone amazing on the other side of the pond catching me when I jump.)

And of course, a p.s!
A picture taken yesterday, and not on Valentine's Day, as the camera suggests. It must've felt the looove.

Helloooooooo, this is your auntie speaking!

Please disregard Freak Cat on the right there...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

So excited, just can 't hide it!

First of all, a big thank you for all the sweet comments from all of you for my little Milesy. I'm content to think he's had an awesome little outdoors life, even though it was only three short years.
Mingus seems to be doing alright, though a little unsettled at times, and he actually managed to PEE on my BED yesterday WHILE I WAS STILL IN IT! I can tell you I was pissed. (Pun hardly intended)
I do admit I spoil him a little now and then because I feel kinda sorry for him, also considering the giant trip ahead of us! Yes, the little red bastard is flying with me, a grueling 15 hour journey to the other side of the world. It took a day of calling United, my vet, a trip to the pet store and lots of stressing out, but I've finally decided he's going to fly in the cabin with me in a soft fabric carrier. We'll see how it goes. Though he's not allowed to be sedated, I will try to get him some happy pills anyway, just to keep me from getting skinned alive by my fellow passengers. Let's just hope it flies by! (Eek, what's with the puns today? ;)

Speaking of my travels, ahh, I'm getting both extremely excited and nervous to the point of wetting the bed myself about heading for the US again in just twelve days. Three months this time, and if all goes as planned, forever. For EVER! Damn! What an adventure.

The 29th is my last work day, and my room should be as good as empty by the 30th so it can be sublet for those three months. Would you believe I already packed a suitcase? I'd never have guessed I'd become such a well, a knitter. My suitcase is PACKED with yarn and WIPs and there's a Knitpicks order making its way to Dave's house as we speak. I believe they're discontinuing some of their sock yarns and selling them at only 2,99 a hank. This world needs more single socks, baby!

I plan on finishing the baby cardi and Dave's socks in the US, as well as a triangular shawl (Birch?) for my best friend and numéro uno private vet Angelina. And then there's the mom cardi and Dave's Dr Who scarf. Both are very close to being finished actually. Just a few last balls to be used up on the scarf, and putting the cardi together plus picking up stitches for its shawl collar. Et c'est ca!

In other news: here's the pics of the Utrecht SnB's First Anniversay I promised earlier:

We had a great time, and look how we've grown in just one year!
Ok, back to the scarf. Easy TV knitting. I'm actually watching Not Another Teen Movie and losing IQ points by the minute. Hehehe.
Happy knitting y'all!

P.s. I bought shoes. Cowboy boots, baby! Yeeehawwww!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No more Milesy

Still standing in my pajamas this morning, I got a call that my baby Miles was found by the side of the road and hadn't survived. It was his third birthday yesterday. I'm so sad. I'd had him and his brother Mingus since they were just babies. I'm burying him in my mom's backyard tonight.
So, this post is all about my sweet Milesy:

Enjoying his Secret Pal toy:

Always curious:

Always right where you didn't want him:

SuperMiles to the rescue:

Literally "hanging" with his bro:

I'll miss him so damn much!