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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hey CarryFairie

Hello gorgeous!
A special post for you to show you I'm still here. I haven't forgotten about all you friendly people! I'm just so busy, I feel like my work is running my life right now. I just need time to get used to the rediculous work schedules. Starting at 6.45 one day, and at 14.45 the next, really kills any routine I may have had, and I'm not a routine person. ;)

Just thought I'd let you know I'm coming your way this month, in 26 days to be exact. Arriving in Seatown on December 26. Woot!
I'm trying to get together with some of my pals from the Skinny Blog, and it would be great to hang out with you guys! Let's think about it.

I worked on a fat post yesterday, showing off the goodies I got from TWO secret pals this week. Man, I'm so spoiled! It's still a draft, but I'll try to post it this week. Aaaaahh, why can't a day have 36 hours!

Oh, I got a spinning weel from a colleague, for FREE:

Now I only gotta figure out how to work this bad boy....

See you later this week, please stay tuned. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A must-see

If you have a thing for romantic, smart and enchanting movies, go see Elizabethtown. Just got home from seeing this new Cameron Crowe picture.

I only saw Crowe's Almost Famous last week on TV, and I can no longer keep hating Kate Hudson simply 'cause Dave likes her. She really is that cute.
And so is Kirsten Dunst in this new film; I'll say it again: enchanting!
Great images of America as the leading guy takes a road trip. And the soundtrack alone is worth it; Lindsey Buckingham, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, and some great old Elton Johns. Go check it out. (Orlando Bloom, anyone?)

In other news: I am suffering from serious knitting withdrawal. I work 32 hours a week now, and as you already know, I am NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANY KNITTING, even though I'm in between calls. When I'm home, there's either a cluttered room, a diet blog, or a thesis waiting for me, and so I found myself in a knitless week.
Not good.

On the other hand, the room is no longer cluttered, and I lost my first 5 pounds, but still you guys, NO knitting. (The thesis, you ask? No comment.)

I will pick up the needles again tomorrow night. Bert at my SnB told me if I hadn't finished the sleeves for my Mom's cardi by the end of this month, that he wouldn't help me with its hopelessly difficult shawl collar...
Better get cranking!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

You're so vain...

I picked up my new glasses yesterday!
I sat on the old one at Burning Man and they were never quite the same. A month ago, one of the legs just fell off, like I pulled a Uri Geller, and I'd been walking around with an actual nerdy pair of taped up glasses.

And here's my progress on the little socks for the Monkey:

They're coming along very nicely and I believe they'll look just as cool in the grown up version I've yet to make for the Caveman.

I could've finished them by now at work, but alas, we're not allowed to do anything but work related stuff when there are no callers.
So now I'm sitting there, twiddling my thums waiting for calls, desperate to fill the time with some reading or knitting.

I suppose they are very right when they say we're there to work and not to read gossip mags -whatever..-, but I forgot how much I hate hate hate lost time. Plus it makes the 8 hours seem a lot damn longer.
(The eye candy in uniform walking by hardly makes up for it. Sandra, I can't tell if they're hairy, 'cause they're mostly wearing bulletproof vests. Not bad at all either.)

P.s. I got measured at a lingerie store today......
In stead of the 85DD/38D I thought I was, I'm now officially an 80F/36DDD.

Holy mammaries Batman, It's MJ in 3D!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Caution! Wide Load.

Please take a little detour to my Diet Blog linked to in the sidebar.
My dear friends Rachel and Elise and I are trying to get our groove back and we need all the help and motivation we can get.

Thanks!!! :)

(Boy, am I glad there's no donut habit here in Dutch Copland.)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Social study of the police cafeteria

21 cops, 1 moustache.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Brutally early, for the Queen of Slack

You know it's very, very wrong when you're on your way to work and the streets are empty. Mind you, it was still quite dark when I hopped on my bike at 6.20 in the drizzle. (Fo' shizzle!)

But what an interesting day! A bomb threat -false alarm-, a car crash and a crazy woman I must've put through to the dispatch center at least a dozen times.

I did quite well on my first day and got my first encounters with fine police humor while putting colleagues through to colleagues. (I'll put a more detailed social study into that and report back later, promise.)

I was also supposed to answer the 112/911 phone at times, and it was really tricky to get my ear adjusted to the specific 112 ringing sound.
All in all, I am POOPED!

Up at 5.45 again tomorrow...