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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back home and ready to rumble!

Wowzers, has it been over a month already? Shame on me!
I’d written a Burning Man blogpost earlier, but that one’s still sitting on Dave’s computer. D’oh!
So I’ll just have to give you a recap of my past month. It’s been a crazy one!

First of all, I celebrated my 28th birthday on TV, with my dear friends MajorPixel Dan and Elise. We were supposed to just go watch Dan’s show GoodTV from the audience, but 5 minutes before we went live, they wired me up and threw me on stage: “You’re going to co-host the show, gorgeous.” Uhhh, exscueeze me? But I did. In the lamest, I-Don’t-Know-Which-Camera-Does-What kinda way.
I looked hot of course, and got some raunchy fan mail to boot. ;)
Hehehe, I’m a star, baby. Check me out, sending a Helloworld voice email to my girl Angelina and cutting the birthday cake they gave me on the show:

Meanwhile, I was still writing away on my thesis, having sent the concept on August 16. We were going to leave for Burning Man on the 27th and I still had not received any feedback from my tutor. That next Saturday I sent the thing off and headed for the Nevada desert. It’s still silent on the other side…

And then Burning Man, wow.
I’m having a hard time putting into words what the experience was like. Even though ours was a very mellow first time, it was still pretty incredible.
My picture cd is giving me a hard time, but here are some impressions of our dry Playa feet and one of my...uhhhm...outfits:

After the Man burned, we road tripped back home, back to the critters who’d grown like crazy! (Sadly, one of our little baby geese, Goose Lucy, didn’t make it, probably due to salmonella poisoning she’d picked up when still in the egg. Poor baby.)
Met my honey’s parents who were a lot of fun. His Mom knits and was making the cutest toys and outfits for her first grandchild, the Monkey.
We had a BBQ feast with them and some friends and it was getting harder and harder to face going back.

Leaving was not cool. I had to keep telling myself that I’d be back soon, but still, two months is quite a long time and Kent had started to feel like home. The flight back was fine and quick, thank God.

While reading up on my mail, I read about this crafty trade show here in Utrecht where my fellow SnB’ers were going to promote the Stitch 'n Bitch phenomenon and the Dutch translation of the first Debbie Stoller book.

So I’ve been knitting all week, waiting for news on my job applications.
We had a wonderful time and it was great to meet some Amsterdam SnB’ers and the world’s unofficial fastest knitter, Miriam Tegels.
Catch her outsmarting Carlo Boszhardt on Life & Cooking, October 9th.
As you can see, I also went over to "The Dark Side" and crocheted my first little flower for one of the booths ponchos.

I don’t know who started the hype, but the theme of the week here seemed to be the Moebius; we were all knitting them and everybody at the show wanted to know what on earth we were doing. I dare you to hop on the Moebius bandwagon and find the instructions here.

I also inspired a girlfriend of mine to knit. She’s joining us at the SnB next Tuesday. Hi Niek!

So there we are, I’m back home, flat broke and frantically looking for a job. Just to keep my head above water until I plan to pack up my things and cats and make the jump overseas. Cause I’ma jumping. Hopefully next year.
Anybody need a sassy communications assistant? Preferably in the Seattle area? ;)

And to leave you with a practical note: I’ve had some spamming fookers on my blog so to prevent that, I’m asking you to use the word verification thingee when you leave me a comment. No biggy, just type what you see. Thanks!

P.s. Thanks for sticking around. :)
P.p.s. Finished the Friggin Market Bag!


Anonymous Sandra said...

OMG! You are alive.!!!! Wellcome back! I really missed you! Can't wait for your knitting!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 5:10:00 PM GMT+2  
Blogger spirals said...

yeah youre back! did you check out my site yet for my burnign man pictures? its a link on the side called a little glimpse of the man...
hope to see more from ya soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 8:19:00 PM GMT+2  

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