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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Almost ready for the market

First let me tell you that I think I passed both exams I did last week. The mark for the second one is not in yet, but I think I pulled it off.
Of course I also did some more knitting in the mean time, to de-stress, so the French Market Bag is almost finished! All I need is some more purple Rowan yarn for the handles, which my brother is going to pick up for me from Amsterdam.
I'm loving the colors:

And call the papers, cause I made a swatch! Here it is pre- and post felted. I was told that the Rowan tweed shrinks a lot vertically, so I made the depth of the bag 11 inches in stead of the required 8". As you can see, the swatch felted wonderfully and I hope the bag will do the same.

Then I wanted to show you how I've been spoiled these past few weeks! First of all, my blogging friend Romy sent me this beautiful set of note cards, all for helping her out with her blog. (And I'm hardly a website guru.) Thanks so much again, Romy!

And THEN: the goodies from my Knittyboard Secret Pal! All I could do the first 15 minutes was jump up and down and go "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!". (Ask my roommates)

The picture doesn't do it justice at all. What you see is: two boxes of Aquari-yums for the kitties, a great book on finishing techniques, Vogue's book of Weekend Knits, a pack of Seattle's Best coffee, a beautiful card with a little tea bag, a box of Celestial Seasonings tea, two gorgeous skeins of Knitpicks Sock Landscape that I simply adore, cute ankle socks with kitties and -very patriotic- tiny US flags, a truck load of KoolAid to dye with, some cool purple and wooden buttons and a pretty blue fabric bag/purse.

My dear sweet SP, you know you made my -stressful- month! (Btw, I left you a private message on the Knittyboard regarding my holiday address.)

That's it for now. It's so hot, the "sparrows are falling from the gutters", as we say here in the Netherlands. It's been around 30 C here all week, and I think over 90 F today. I'm off to do some knitting on the cool grass.
Enjoy your weather wherever you are!


Blogger spirals said...

oh i like that bag.... its going to be very pretty.. was it hard to make?

and i know im like a knitting/seweing/.crocheting machine right now i dont know whats wrong with me....
well im going to go knit more.. suprise suprise... and no. no newson burning man yet. i need to get on that tho.. decisions decisions....

Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 9:52:00 PM GMT+2  
Anonymous Sandra said...

I am sure the bag will turn beautiful. I have been thinking of making one for myself - I could put my curent knitting project with me in that bag while I am in playgroung with my kids, and knit!

Friday, June 24, 2005 at 7:44:00 AM GMT+2  
Blogger diary of a knitknit said...

Congrats to the exams! Must feel wonderful.

It's quite nice to see an almost Finished Object on your blog. It was some time ago, wasn't it? ;-)
Anyway, your FMB looks great and I like the colours. I bet it'll look even better when it's felted.

I hope you're staying where you are for yet another week because a parcel is coming your way. :-)

btw, thanks for kicking my butt last week!


Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 2:26:00 PM GMT+2  

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