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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Two down, two more to go. Ever.

I swear, if I don't pass these things, I'm going to drop out and work at McDonald's...with the rest of my class. We already agreed to work in shifts.

Wanna know how you can get me really psycho in just three seconds?
I had signed up perfectly on time, through the online exam registration system, but when it was time to take the exam, my name wasn't on the list.
I had to pay the school €25,- to take these f*cking exams.
It all worked out in the end though; I still had the print-outs of my registration. Glitch in the system etc etc. Got the money back too, thank God. But still. *Raises arms toward the sky* Why am I surrounded by morons?!

Phew. And now for a quiet afternoon of knitting.