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Monday, January 17, 2005

Paperwork - another resolution for 2005

I detest organizing my paperwork. Keeping track of bills usually means placing them in a drawer to throw 'em away a year later. I usually don't do anything until they start increasing the font size on the invoices, which is generally a good sign you need to hurry up.
That's why Internet banking is such a wonderful invention; I'm usually in front of the damn thing anyway, so paying a bill should only take two minutes and voila, you're done for that month! It's a shame not every organization has entered the 21st century yet, like my doctor, which is why something had to be done.

So today was the day. I collected everything on my bed, the only way to make sure it was actually gone by the time the day was over. I got a huge folder and a hole puncher and went to work, last letters on top. Medical insurance, pet registration, bank statements -always nice-, letters confirming the fact that I am no longer a home owner -yey.
I have to admit that now I'm done, my head seems a little less crowded too. Let's see if I can keep this up...