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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Nicci French

Just a little list of the last books I read, after Captain Corelli's Mandolin -which was a must-read, by the way:

Robert Goddard - Caught in the Light : Sucked, don't bother.
Henning Mankell - Faceless Killers : Very exciting story and well written. It's a Swedish Kurt Wallander Mystery.
Nicci French - The Memory Game: Psycho family history. And very intelligently written.

Now reading Nicci French's The Land of the Living. I really like their style of writing; I even found it makes you pay more attention to people on the street. Very cool..

Today, I bought this book about a terrible murder in the Puget Sound, for only € 3,56 at a drugstore, no less. Probably some crappy thriller, but who knows?

By the way, the Nicci French novel that was filmed with Heather Graham, was Killing me Softly. Unnerving book and dumb film..